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Thermometry FAQs

How long does it take?
The entire test takes no longer than 30 minutes, but requires some special behaviors and restrictions beforehand (i.e. no exercise or showering on the day of the test).

Does it hurt?
The test is absolutely painless, but does require undressing for the cooling period and 2nd measurements.

What will the Thermometry tell me about my body?
The AlfaSight Regulation Thermometry test gives an incredible amount of information on the whole body for a quick, simple 30-minute test.

Although no definitive diagnoses can be made, graded abnormalities in the following systems can be identified:
-Reproductive (breast, ovarian, uterus and prostate health)
-Digestive (intestinal inflammation, food sensitivities, intestinal dysbiosis)
-Lymphatic (lymphatic blockage and congestion)
-Immune  (thymus function
-Eliminatory  (liver and kidney function)
-Dental (Toxicity of teeth, alongside relationships to organs)
-Endocrine (thyroid and adrenal function)

How much does it cost?
The cost of the test is $250. Some insurers may cover the test.

How often do you have to repeat the test?
Depending on the nature of the findings, we recommend repeating between 3 months and 1-year.