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"The Only Permanent Thing is Change"

Dr. Erin Holston SinghA Word from Dr. Erin

As the weather has dropped to a painful chilly 50 degrees here in Shreveport, it reminds me that I'll be in Cleveland in a few weeks time…brr! I've decided to drive this time, not only to see how it is to drive, but also to get a view of the changing leaves as I make my way up through Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky. The long drive will give me a chance to reflect on the several big transitions taking place at the Clinic this fall, with Liz Cavin, N.D. leaving and John Sherman, N.D. joining the practice.

Remembering one of my favorite quotes from my spiritual teacher, Chariji, "The only permanent thing is change," I'm moving into this next phase of Option's evolution with excitement, eager to see what life is bringing next. It's at times like these that I find refuge in the permanency of life's natural process: perpetual adjustment. Once I accept this, everything else is easy. It's the acceptance that can be the problem! Holding onto what I hope will not change only creates suffering. When I can open myself up to the fact that everything, eventually, will be different, then relief sets in. Fall, a time of transition to winter, is a beautiful reminder of the impermanency of all things. Welcoming this is also a helpful way to welcome some of the detoxifying symptoms that may come about as part of the healing process. Remember this when your chronic symptoms have transitioned to acute ones on your healing journey!


Options Naturopathic Clinic's NEW Doctor!

Please join me in welcoming Dr. John Sherman to Options! Dr. John has come all the way from the Pacific Northwest, where he has been in practice for 27 years, to join us. Drawn by family and the desire to expand his working knowledge of the Individualized Homeopathic Terrain method Dr. Erin emphasizes, Dr. John will be working in conjunction with her in the same fashion that Dr. Liz has been doing. He will arrive at the clinic on Monday, October 29th, see patients with Dr. Liz for the next two weeks, and then be available for joint visits with Dr. Erin.

Dr. John brings some new services to our clinic, namely a technique called metabolic balancing, based on the work of Dr. Harold Kristal. This technique sheds light on pH levels and the use of diet to normalize blood acid/alkaline balance. This method also looks at metabolism in terms of anabolism vs. catabolism (i.e. building up vs. breaking down) and the effect of the autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic vs. sympathetic) and which of these polarities dominate in an individual. It recognizes that foods and supplements have different, and in many cases completely opposite effects, depending on an individual's metabolism. Understanding metabolism on these levels takes our individualized approach one step further, in order to help our patients regain balance.

Click HERE to read Dr. John's Bio

See Allergy article below for more services Dr. John offers!

Dr. LizFarewell to Dr. Liz

As most of you know, Dr. Liz has decided to return to Oregon in order to be with her husband, who is retaining his job in the Portland area. She is sad to be leaving so soon and regrets that she was unable to stay longer. Dr. Liz is also extremely grateful for having had this opportunity in her professional career. ONC is very grateful for this past year where we've had Liz's tremendous energy, excitement and motivation serving our patients. Dr. Erin extends a special "Thank You" to Dr. Liz, as well as to all of our joint patients who have been so welcoming of the changes in the office that are largely beyond our control. November 9th will be Dr. Liz' last day for seeing patients.


Join us on November 8th for an OPEN HOUSE

…to welcome Dr. John and see Dr. Liz off. We would like to welcome any current, past or prospective patient who is interested in either meeting Dr. John or saying farewell to Dr. Liz. Come and join us from 6:30-8pm in the office. We would love to meet you.


Doctor Erin in Cleveland…in November AND December!

Dr. Erin will be available to see patients in the Cleveland office from November 8th-November 16th, and again in December from the 17th-21st. These visits are meant to facilitate the transition between Dr. Liz and Dr. John, as well create a time for Dr. Erin's longstanding patients to see her in person. Since both of these visits are relatively short (5-7 days), please make an appointment as soon as possible if you want to come in during this time. Appointment availability is limited and will fill up fast!

Allergy and Intolerance - a new approach

The immune system reacts as a way to regulate the overall system. Some reactions are welcome by the host, and some reactions are not, depending on their severity. Often, these reactions are necessary, such as a fever to burn up infectious toxicity, or the congregation of macrophages to digest a foreign body, like a splinter. Sometimes, however, immune reaction are run amok, with reactions coming about when they needn't be, or at least it seems that way. The biggest examples of this would be hay fever, nasal congestion and other such reactions in response to something apparently in the environment.

There are two critical things to understand about such reactions:

One, an allergic reaction is an elimination, and

Two, a chronic environmental allergy cannot exist unless there is first a problem
at the level of the intestinal barrier.

What? What does this mean? It means that any immune system running amok with allergy problems can be traced back to a dysfunctional gut.

Looking at the first understanding, allergies as eliminations, never forget that, with the body's wisdom, any attempt to throw off what is toxic is a sensible reaction. Stopping such reactions will eventually wear down the immunity's reactional capacity. Eventually, if the suppression continues, sooner or later the 'reactional' attempt will stop altogether and contribute to a degeneration of normal function. I often see geriatric patient's report they "used to" have allergies, whereas now they just have cardiovascular disease and uncontrolled diabetes, as if they've been 'cured' of the allergic phenomena.

Regarding the second statement about allergic reactions, that every chronic allergy originates in the gut, it is important to know that our gastrointestinal lining is a natural immune barrier that readily becomes inflamed, disrupted or stripped of its requisite protective layer of flora. If this occurs, incompletely digested foods (and other potential antigens) will create reactions as they get through the single-celled digestive barrier. If you are having sinus or other symptoms year round it is likely there is a problem at this level.

Any person who has EVER had antibiotics in his lifetime is susceptible to such reactions since antibiotics, by their very nature, disrupt the beneficial, symbiotic flora that inhabit and protect our systems. After any course of antibiotics, it can take 18 months to reestablish the complete layer of flora, and due to stress and other bad habits, this actually never happens in many individuals. This is the reason nearly every patient, at some time or another, has been prescribed the "HMF", which stands for "Human MicroFlora".

Finally, it is important to understand that once these scenarios above have been put into place, we are likely to "react" to foods without there actually even being an antigen-antibody conglomeration. We call such reactions "food intolerances", where the body has a negative response to a food or substance on an energetic or chemical level. Simply put, this is the main reason why energetic testing techniques for food allergies and intolerances are the most sensitive of all the various allergy tests available. This means that the energetically based tests are more likely to show reactions when other allergy testing fails to do so.

Energetic allergy testing is based on the principles of electro-acupuncture. A device is used that measures the electrical conductivity, or resistance, on the surface of the skin at an acupuncture point that is connected, via the body's energetic meridians, to a food. With such equipment, almost 600 different foods can easily be tested for the person's increased resistance, or energetic blockage, when a certain food is presented to the body. Such decreased conductivity is interpreted as a positive for reactivity, or intolerance to the food.

Many patients know I have been seeking a practitioner in the Cleveland area who could provide this type of testing, sometimes called "EAV" or "Vega" testing. Fortunately, this is another service Options can now provide with Dr. John Sherman joining our practice.

The cost is $75. If you would like food allergy testing done at any regular appointment, please let the office know ahead of time.