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Spring Greetings

Dr. Erin Holston SinghGreetings from Dr. Erin

The office is brimming with activity as folks come out of the cold wintry months looking to reinvigorate themselves. Dr. Liz is gearing up for the Spring Detoxification program offered for the first time this year at Options. I am planning a trip to Belgium for the European version of a detox, known as the “Cure de Printemps,” for the last two weeks of April! I hope to bring a load of new information back to the States from the perspective of Dr. Guéniot and his colleagues, who will lead the program. Hence, this month’s newsletter is full of inspiration for renewal, and for getting started on a naturopathic plan at this most appropriate time of year.

I will be back in the office, seeing patients from June 11-14th after another seminar in Toronto. This time, I will finalize my training in Color and Sound Therapy, which I have been studying over the past several years with Dr. Gérard Guéniot.  Dr. Liz will also be continuing her education in the French method of homeopathy and “drainage,” when she visits Toronto to study with Dr. Guéniot as well, just before my trip. 

Please consider taking our survey at the end regarding Color and Sound therapy, possibly coming soon to Options!

Also note that Options will be open on Memorial Day, Monday May 28th, so please feel free to schedule appointments that day or place orders.


Options Spring Detox (available now through May)

Basic description:
This 2 & 1/2 week (18-day) comprehensive program includes a combination of various liver and detoxification supports via diet, supplements, remedies and homemade recipes used in traditional naturopathic and Ayurvedic medicine. The main program consists of using a rice-based protein detox formula (Mediclear), that is tapered up and down over the course of the program, and aids in the biochemistry of one's liver detoxification pathways. Other supportive therapies, such as castor oil packs and saunas will be considered on an individual basis. Participants are also encouraged to consider a 3-day fast as an optional part of the detox.

The program consists of three separate meetings with Dr. Liz: one main consultation at the outset and two briefer (~20 min) consults at the middle and end of the program. A flat fee of $150 covers these consults. Since we understand it is often easier to involve a spouse or friend, we are offering the program for two people for $180, provided that the consultations during the program are joint visits. The main detox supplement (Mediclear) and other remedies are priced separately.


Dr. LizSpring Cleaning isn't just for the Attic Anymore
by Dr. Liz

Why Detox?
Spring is a time when trees bud and flowers bloom, a time when animals come out of hibernation. This season of growth and renewal is an opportune time to cleanse. It allows a focus on personal goals and a relinquishing of the grey moods of winter. We desire a detoxification for many reasons, some of which include:

• Ubiquitous, constant exposure to pollutants in our air, water and food.

• Amassing of preservatives, drugs and the other synthetic chemicals found in our personal care products (hair products, make-up, lotions are full of parabens, notoriously toxic to the liver function) in bodily tissues.

• Rejuvenation of liver function, especially after the rich foods we are inclined to eat during the cold winter.

The liver is automatically flushing with the change in climate every spring and fall, hence a return of allergies, runny noses and other seasonal illnesses. We like to use the benefits of nature's pre-existing flush by supplementing it with a clear detox program.

Why Fast?
Cleansing and fasting are not synonymous, yet closely related. I am offering an opportunity to experience one or both in the Spring Detox and explain here why fasting has a special, added benefit.

Fasting has been practiced for centuries in connection with religious observance. Fasting includes adopting qualities of temperance, gratitude, willingness, clarity and compassion. It provides one with the opportunity to listen to his or her inner voice and is characterized by the capacity to let go and surrender. This break from living a stressful and imbalanced life gives the body a chance to align with its innate wisdom and attain an improved state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Fasting does have numerous physical benefits. It gives the body a chance to take a break from the huge amount of energy expended on digesting food. It helps tone the colon and rid it of any build up of fecal material. Fasting best detoxifies the body by promoting the release of chemicals stored in fatty tissue. Less recognized benefits of fasting are reduced joint pain, skin irritation, and sinus congestion as well as enhanced sleep. Increased energy almost always follows a fast. When you decide to fast to address a specific physical symptom, remember that you will likely get the added benefit of relief from less bothersome ailments as well.

One may ask, "Is it safe to fast?" -an understandable concern. The prospect of not having sustenance can be frightening. It is important to remember the innate wisdom of the human body and to understand that the body will expend its energy on eliminating dead and dying cells as well as on accelerating and building new cells. There are conditions when fasting is contraindicated, hence the suggestion of fasting under the guidance of a health professional.

Springtime fasting is an invitation to take time to get quiet and listen to one's inner needs and desires. It includes abstaining from certain foods or all food, and abstinence from news media, entertainment, shopping, the internet and TV as much as possible. Taking these steps allows an exchange of unwanted traits, emotions and symptoms for a clearer sense of self.

If you are considering doing a spring cleanse under my guidance I encourage you to list the reasons why you plan to fast, if so. It is fine to have the goal of losing weight, ending cravings or purifying your physical body, but take a moment to determine your emotional, mental and spiritual goals too. Remember, as your body and spirit become more aligned, clarity and balance result. Obtaining this alignment requires perseverance and patience. The process of fasting is an opportunity to work towards reaching a greater state of physical health and a greater sense of balance in the mind, body and spirit.


In the News The Drugs are in the Water

Read about the ubiquity of the personal care products and pharmaceuticals in your drinking water at the New York Times website.


Light and Sound Therapy & Survey!

As Dr. Erin is planning to finish training in Color and Sound Therapy, she is considering the possibility of bringing these therapies to Options. To do so would be a major investment of time, money, and training-thus no simple feat. We would like to know the level of interest our clients have for such therapies after reading this brief description. Please consider responding to the following questions and sending your responses to oncmanager@gmail.com. Thank you!

Recognizing that colors, as energetic wavelengths, can impact the human body and particularly the energetic body, more and more physicians are tuning to the use of color as a powerful therapy in human recovery and regeneration. Likewise, audio waves also re-harmonize the body's energetic fields and thus can be used to address various forms of disease. As we look to modern physics and begin to understand that the human body is essentially composed of condensed light, it is easier to understand how color can make an impact on our health.

French doctors Dominique Bourdin and Jean Bouchet have developed therapeutic equipment that enable therapists to apply these energies in a concise and focused manner. Color and sound treatments could possibly be obtained as part of regular visits, as well as separate, more frequent sessions to aid in acute and chronic problems. Getting a Color and Sound therapy treatment is relaxing and soothing to the nervous system. One would lie on a treatment or massage table wearing headphones that play classical music, alternating at specific paces from the left to right ear in a smooth and barely perceptible flow. A special lamp, that projects a particular combination of colored lights is placed over the forehead or solar plexus. Ones eyes should remain closed for the duration of the 15-20 minute treatment. The sequence of the music and the order of colors can be individually determined with a special assessment session, where then the particular sounds and colors are tailored to your body's specific needs.

· Have you heard of color and sound therapy before?
· What questions do you have about color & sound therapy?
· Would you be interested in obtaining color & sound therapy for yourself?
· If you had a troubling condition & the therapies were thought to be helpful for you, would you be interested in investigating the color and sound treatments as an adjunct to your naturopathic program?
· If color therapy were part of your regular visit at Options, would you be more inclined to come in for visits?

Sample costs for color and sound therapy would be as such: $75-100 for assessments in both color and sound, $125 for both. Color therapy sessions: 12 sessions for $250 or $30 each. Color & Sound therapy sessions 12 for $360 or $45 each.


Upcoming Cooking Classes

Dr. Erin and Dr. Liz have long held the dream of teaming up with a chef in order to provide cooking classes that make healthy cooking easier, less intimidating and more fun. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Cavin has teamed up with Chef Ben Bebenroth at Spice Of Life Catering Co.! Class dates and a location are currently being determined. If you would like to host a class for 8 people in your home please contact us. Here is a list of classes we have planned:

· Grilled Creations and Delicious Cold Salads for Warmer Weather
· Healthy Foods for Infants and Toddlers
· Family Cooking
· Tasty Grains and Greens
· Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

Each class will include an informative and interactive nutrition lecture with Dr. Liz, a hands-on cooking experience with Chef Ben, and a smattering of the tasty cuisine. We encourage you to look at Ben's website: www.spiceoflifecaters.com so you can learn more about him and his culinary experience.
Watch for emails announcing the dates and locations for the cooking classes.


Upcoming Lectures


Understanding Naturopathic Medicine
Tues. May 8th from 7:00-8:00pm
Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library
2345 Lee Rd Cleveland Heights OH 44118


Women's Health Series at La Look – Pre-registration required
8535 Tanglewood Sq
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
(440) 543-2797
The Course Topics are:
• A Natural View of Perimenopause and Menopause
• Reducing Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Women
• An Alternative View on Osteoporosis
• Stress and Its Role in Weight Gain
Watch for details regarding the specific dates, times, fees. We will be offering a discount for women who register for all four talks.